Warrior: A Fictional Narrative

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“And that, class, is what we know about the eye.” said my science teacher, Mrs. Mathews. “And remember guys,” she continued as the bell started to ring, “That you have some homework to do as well!” “Finally! A break!” said my best friend, Hunter Grey. “No kidding,” I agreed. “Let’s get out of here.” As Hunter and I were walking towards the exit, my other friend, Sam Williams, stopped us. “Hey Jet,” she said, “Are you guys doing anything today?” Sam was the prettiest girl in the school. “Not really. We’re just going to my house to play Super Tech Mechs 17,” I replied, getting a little flustered. “Could I come?” she asked. “Wait, you like that game?” I inquired. “Yes, sadly. My brothers got addicted, and it was the only thing to do, so I tried it out. It’s okay, I guess,” She replied. “Okay, then. You can come,” I agreed. As we were walking to my house, Hunter suddenly stopped. “G-guys,” he stammered.”I think we’re being followed. I keep hearing footsteps and …show more content…

You are the child of two Warriors. That makes you a double priority. We gave you the Rex blade for that reason. Your friends aren’t on the capture list at all, because none of their parents are Warriors. The only reason they would be a priority at all would be the fact that they are associated with you. The Gorewings are evil, but that does not mean they are dumb. They will capture your friends and use them against you. That is why we used another invention to help your friends. It’s a cloaking device, but we have to use it sparingly, because it only has a certain number of uses, and the plans for building it, as well as the person who made them, were lost. But we figured that this is as worthy of a use as any other. Your friends will be cloaked from Gorewings, but not from other people.” That night, we ate dinner, watched a movie, and then I went to bed. Everything seemed

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