Was Appeasement Justified

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Was Appeasement a ‘Mistake’? H/W 07.03.13 There are many arguments for and against appeasement before WW2. Appeasement was a policy between Britain, France and Germany. The policy meant that the allies would give Germany what they wanted as long as they didn’t start a war or cause trouble. The Dictionary definition of appeasement is: (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the policy of acceding to the demands of a potentially hostile nation in the hope of maintaining peace. Many people now oppose the policy but not many people did at the time apart from the MP Winston Churchill. An argument for appeasement is that Germany deserved to have a better deal as The Treaty of Versailles, many British people thought, was too harsh. If …show more content…

So each time he did an act of aggression and nobody did anything, he asked himself “Can I get away with even more?!” And of course he could. It is thought that Hitler was very nervous about taking soldiers into the Rhineland, but when nobody did anything he grew in confidence, and this encouraged him to make more demands for land. As well as this another reason against appeasement was that every time Germany took land, they got stronger, consequently becoming harder to defeat. So in some way Britain and France were helping (in the long term) Germany by giving things that helped them in the war. Many people think that the allies should have just have faced the music and fought the war there and then while Germany weren’t as strong as they were becoming. Moreover the appeasement scared the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). When Germany invaded Czechoslovakia France and Britain did not do anything hence why the USSR reached an agreement with Germany called the Nazi-Soviet Pact. The pact meant that Germany and Russia would not go to war with each other and invade Poland together and spilt it between the two countries. Hitler would never of been able to invade Poland if it meant getting past the USSR. Also Hitler always had one aim: Conquer the East. The allies should of know what Hitler was going to do, as he made it very in his speeches and letters that nothing was going to stop

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