Was Brutus Caesar True

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Caesar once said “Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true.” This quote is relevant because Brutus was so quick to believe that everything Cassius said was true. Brutus shouldn’t join the conspiracy with Cassius and the others. Everything Brutus was told was a lie, Caesar was his best friend, and he might have been a good leader is why Brutus shouldn’t join the conspiracy. When Cassius was first trying to get Brutus on his side he would tell him how weak Caesar. Cassius would compare Brutus to Caesar saying that Brutus is just as great as Caesar. In act one, scene three Cassius tells Cinna to put forged letters from the “people” where Brutus will find them. ““Brutus” will start a spirit as soon as “Caesar”(I,ii,148-149).”

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