Was Lennie Justified In Of Mice And Men

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Additionally, George was justified in view of the fact that Lennie could have harmed or worse killed someone else. In chapter five Lennie was chilling in the barn with a dead puppy in his hand. He was more concerned with George not letting him tend the rabbits because of what he has done. “Why did you got killed… I didn’t bounce you hard” (Steinbeck 85). Lennie killed mice because the bit him. Lennie killed the puppy because it ended up nipping him, which is what puppy love to do. Lennie loves soft things, in the town of Weed Lennie saw a dress that was soft. When we went to go touch it “... an the girl let’s out a squawk and gets Lennie all mixed up, and he holds on ‘cause that’s the only thing he can think to do” (Steinbeck 41). Since Lennie
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