Was Unrestricted Submarine Warfare By Germany The Principle Reasons For United States Involvement Essay

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A: Identification and Evaluation of Sources

To what extent was unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany the principle reason for United States involvement in the First World War? Germany was the main culprit of using submarines in order to threaten ships of other countries and their main target Great Britain. In 1915 when Germany released a policy called “Unrestricted submarine warfare”, this would give Germany the right to attack ships that would cross the war zone. This would later on lead to attacks that would kill many from neutral countries and this would later on lead to the Declaration of War on Germany by the United States. Learning more about this topic would give the opportunity to understand why the United States joined the First World War and how this affected the United States later on. Published in 1918, German Submarine Warfare; a Study of Its Methods and Spirit serves as an analysis of how the German Warfare affected the War and it explains the relationships between Germany and the United States. While the perspective of this book is from an American Author, Wesley Frost, who served as a coordinator for relief operations for the survivors of the Lusitania attack this book tackles not only the feelings of Allied countries but also of how Germany felt and what were their motives. Both a strength and limitation of this source is that it is written from one author’s perspective. Due to the fact that it is written with only the perspective of one person

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