Watching The Pbs Frontline Film Titled, Losing Iraq

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Earlier this week we were privileged to watch the PBS Frontline film titled, “Losing Iraq”. In the beginning of this film, General Keane believed that the United States shouldn’t invade Iraq. Keane noticed that the war plans didn’t include adequate plans for securing the country. At the same time, General Franks announced that by September 2003, 110,000 troops would be prepared to leave and that a division of 30,000 would stay and handle Iraq. At this point of time, this was huge news for the United States, they truly believed that the major combat phase of the war in Iraq was over. United States next step was to send Jerry Bremer to Iraq to attempt to fix 20 years of dysfunctional government. Jerry Bremer was a very interesting candidate …show more content…

My answer is, bring ‘em on. We got the force necessary to deal with the security situation.”
The plan to send more than 100,00 troops home by September 2003 was now absolutely out of the question. As the war continued, thousands of Iraqis were swept up in raids. The reality became that you’d go into a village and just arrest everybody. Things were beginning to get out of hand, the Defense Department decided it wanted Iraq to be given back to the Iraqis as soon as possible. Soon after the discussion, the US Army captured Saddam Hussein and he shared that he was willing to negotiate. Many believed that this would lower the tension in Iraq, but they were absolutely wrong. Four American contractors were murdered and two of the bodies were hung from a bridge. This upset George Bush very much and he demanded that the Marines retaliate. The Marines took the order and moved into the city, killing people. Once the Marines were ordered to stop fighting, they were now ordered to simply surround Fallujah and contain the insurgents. Soon after this, Bremer formed a new government, and handed Iraq back to the Iraqis.
As the war continued, the United States Army was fighting the Mahdi Army. They pushed the Mahdi Army into Sadr, but the White House didn’t want to risk destroying the mosque so the Army was ordered to cut a deal. The deal was to have their militia not oppose the Americans. The United States

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