Water: A Short Story

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Everything happens so fast. She doesn’t have time to scream before an unknown force causes her to lose balance and she plunges face-first into the tarp-covered pool with a splash. Chlorine bums her eyes as she twists around to take in a last breath before her head goes under. Under normal circumstances, she could’ve gotten out without a problem; however this time, the tarp’s weight drags her down. The plastic hugs her like a cocoon and she sinks like a stone. Panic takes over as she thrashes and twists in a futile attempt to escape. The drowning girl’s lungs burn as she struggles to save what little air she has left. Where’s my mom? she thinks with barely controlled hysteria. She’s just inside, she’ll save me! Eventually, despite her best efforts, she reflexively lets out the rest of her precious air and gasps. The desired relief does not come as water enters her …show more content…

Succumbing to her demise, the young girl finally relaxes and gazes up at the sky. There appears to be a figure above the water, about a million miles away, but she quickly dismisses it. The sky’s blue and the water is warm. It’s a remarkably beautiful tragedy. She’s almost comfortable. The pain dulls as her head takes on a cotton-filled feeling and her heart rate decreases with every passing second. Time seems to slow down as she loses consciousness. Her deepest regret is that she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mom. She loved her so much. She’d be absolutely devastated to see the tragedy that is unfolding. As her heart stutters out weak, agonizing beats, she sees the distorted figure once again. She strains her eyes with the last remnants of her strength, but once she recognizes who the figure is, she wishes she hadn’t. Ignorance truly is bliss; she thinks, as her life slips away. She realizes who had caused her to fall—who had caused her to die? Standing at the edge of the pool . . . is her

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