Water World: A Fictional Narrative

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One day there was a girl named Ary. She went to her friend’s house she went to her friend and ask her if she want to go with her to Water World. Her friends name is Stephanie. She said ‘’yes I will go with you to water world’’. Ary and Stephanie went to waterworld in summer. They went to Waterworld and they had fun going there. Ary said ‘’if you want to go and see the water slide”. Her friend Stephanie said “so yes” They went to the ride they had fun on the ride.They went to ride they were talking about how fun was the ride. Next they went to eat pizza there. As they went to eat they had fun in all the ride they went.Then Stephanie said ‘’if you want to go to a scAry ride’’. Ary said ‘’yes I will go on the scAry ride’’. After they went on

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