Water Contamination And Its Effects On Poor Communities

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Water contamination is presence of unwanted contaminant in the water. Water contamination can lead to pollution which is the adverse effect of excess of water contamination. As a result of water contamination, there can be health impacts, social and environmental impacts. Water contamination issues can be divided in to two categories based on the nature of contamination. They are ground water contamination and surface water contamination. Water contamination can be occurred as a result of unplanned solid waste dumping sites. When there is no clear demarcation between the dump site and the soil below it, the leachate (Renou, et al. 2008) created in the dump site can be mixed with the ground water system. Also leachate can be mixed with …show more content…

(Exner et al.2014) As a result most of the wells in the area are contaminated with nitrogen more than the normal level. These high levels of nitrogen leads to serious illnesses such as methemoglobinemia, a disorder occur due to high level of methaemoglobin presence than the haemoglobin in the blood. Also the situation created adverse effects on the soil in the area too. Industrial activities pose the biggest threat to contamination in drinking water resources in the word. In January 2014 a chemical storage tank in Freedom industries Inc. found leaking in West Virginia. More than 10 000 gallons leaked to the West Virginia’s Elk river which was sole drinking water source used to supply the state capitol, including 300 000 people, 15% of the State’s population. (Whelton et al.2015) How big the disaster was Obama administration declared the incident, a federal disaster. However they were able to minimize the impact by using preventive measures. If the same situation occurred in a developing country what will be the result? In developed countries there are certain mechanisms to prevent industrial waste contamination to the water. But in developing countries the situation is different as they have loose regulations on the issue. Although these countries have regulations, they are restricted to words only. Most of the multinational companies who operates in these countries, don’t consider about

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