Water-Personal Narrative

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Just then, a shrill wind blew past us, raising the hairs on my arms. I tightened my grip on the flashlight. My heart began to hammer in my chest. Something felt different now. We were walking out further than last time. The flames should’ve come by now. I was starting to feel the familiar sinking feeling. What if we were walking into a trap? And it was my fault having forced Gemma. In the distance, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a faint blue light.
“There, do you see that?” I said, pointing. “See what?” Gemma said, getting a good look over my shoulder.
“The blue light, that’s a good sign, right?”
“I suppose,” she said timidly.
We moved faster. I just hoped whatever we were speeding towards would not come as an unpleasant surprise. I kept my
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The water was cold when I dipped in two fingers, I swirled them around and took in a sharp whiff. “It seems normal enough,” I shrugged, though I questioned the faultiness of my assessment.
“Jared, over here, look,” Gemma called. Standing up, I and moved toward the location of Gemma’s voice. She was on the other side of the boulder. When I found her, she stood pointing to a black wooden fisherman’s boat. Beside it lay a single oar.
“Look it even has a sign.” she said, softly.
Reaching down I read.

“Ubi mortui vivunt”

“It must be Latin or something,” I said, turning the sign over in my hands. “Maybe it’s saying we should get on,” I said dubiously.
“Out into the water?” Gemma’s eyes went wide.
“Well, yeah, I mean it’s got and oar and everything.”
“But what if it sinks?”
“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” and I pushed the boat out into the lake. I held the end of the boat with one hand. “It looks like it's floating fine, and seems pretty solid,” I said, experimenting as I pressed a hand inside, pushing down with my weight. “It's not sinking.”
Gemma peered out into the glittering, sapphire water.
“But we don’t know what’s out there,” she whispered.
“What do you think is the worst that can happen?” I asked,
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Its crystal clarity was no longer apparent as its once shallowness had become a plunging depth, a darkish blue in color, almost black. I studied our distance away from the bank. We were a little ways farther than I expected. We were moving fast.
The ride was surprisingly smooth, pleasant, though the atmosphere was becoming increasingly dark. I looked up at the ceiling and saw giant, treacherous-looking stalactites hanging overhead. It resembled a chandelier of spear heads ready to savagely drop at a moment’s notice. My eyes flickered down at Gemma, who seemed completely unbothered by this. Instead, she sat neatly, gazing at the walls of the cave with an appearance of quiet intrigue.
The boat sped up, and swiftly it drifted toward a dark, narrow tunnel. A nervous twitch ran through my body. I felt more comfortable being out in the wide open expanse, but in the tunnel, I couldn't anticipate what would lie ahead. I gripped the flashlight and shined it out in front of us as we immersed in the darkness. My breathing turned heavy. It was just as dark as the tunnel we had come through, only now I felt more vulnerable, having no control over the water’s current.
“Jared, do you hear that?” Gemma said, her face indistinguishable in the blackness.
“Hear what?” I Jared, looking around.
“That noise,” she
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