Water Problem Of Water Shortage

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Water is origin of life. Early life was started from the ocean. It builds up human tissue and keep body function works normally. Along with development of technologies, water also plays an essential role in the progress of civilization. For example, Watt invented steam engine so that we could be introduced into the industrial age, water is used to cool machines, water is a irreplaceable formula in lots of industrial materials, and so on. Thus, It is necessary condition of life existence and economic development. Even though people understand the importance of water resource, the conflict between industrialization and environment is unavoidable. Water crisis have already threatened most countries of the world, and China is one of the 13 countries with water shortage under United Nation. Over the years, Chinese water quality and environment keeps moving downward, but water scarcity and accidents by pollution is going up. Chinese water crisis issue is serious and representative.
The Yangtze River is the roof of the world because it starts from the Qinghai to Tibet Plateau, and it is also the heart of China because it cross eleven province to the east and runs into the East China Sea with covering twenty percent of Chinese land area. Yangtze river nourish Chinese nation, and it closely connects with their people’s daily life. However, serious problems started to occur after people’s unawareness and carelessness toward environment. The Yangtze river suffered under human…

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