Water by the Spoonful

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Susana Guevara April 29, 2013 English 112 Dr. Wells Final Essay Internal Struggles In Water by the Spoonful, the author portrays Elliot as a military veteran who has had a rough life from a very young age. He lost his younger sister under bad parental circumstances, has a limp from being in the Iraq war, and works as a sandwich maker making his life not too significant. Elliott does not seem to have a lot of drive with going somewhere in life. He likes to stay in his comfort zone even if it means making sandwiches for a living instead of trying to persuade a professional career. For Elliott, change is something that brings him anxiety and stress similarly to the character of Margie from Good People. Margie is a single mother who is…show more content…
It is possible Margie has been psychologically affected by the caring of Joyce as a single parent with not much support, making her feel vulnerable when it comes into confrontational situations. Margie shows she is not a responsible person, and since she had already been warned before, she could have let Dottie know how much her job was on the line. When she is talking about it with Dottie and Jean during Scene 2, she does not let Dottie know she was part of the reason why she was fired. If Dottie had been on time all the days she had to watch Joyce, Stevie would not have fired Margie. “It’s not your fault Dottie. Let it go” (Lindsay-Abaire I 27). By Margie not standing up for herself to Dottie in this scene shows she is a person who easily gives up and does not fight for herself. She is fifty years old and used to work at a dollar store for nine dollars an hour. She lives in a rundown apartment and does not mind settling for less, which is why she has made no progress in her life. Margie’s standard way of life is pretty low and now that she is unemployed, she considers visiting Mike who she has not seen in years. Instead of trying to better her image, she calls herself stupid and ignorant for not knowing how computers work at the library (Lindsay-Abaire I). The struggle Margie has is not of money, like she thinks it is, but of not having any positive outlook towards herself. She mentions she will become homeless with “Cookie. She’s got

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