Watsons Theory of Caring

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Watson's Theory of Human Caring The nursing profession has undergone a multitude of changes throughout its long and storied history; the profession has transformed from a job typically taken by women to care for sick members of their families into the science and art that it is today. Nursing practice and education has used numerous theories over the years some written by nurses, some by other professionals, and they differ in what the nature of nursing is or should be. In this paper I will demonstrate how one such theory is taking the art and science of nursing back to its roots of caring for people and not just treating diseases and disorders. By employing Dr. Watson’s human caring theory I will show why it is important to treat…show more content…
The caring is actualized in the moment because of the choices and actions taken by the patient and nurse, one serving as the caregiver, the other the recipient of care. During these moments how the nurse chooses to act and portray him or herself will have a significant impact on the caring moment as well as future caring moments in relation to the treatment outcomes (Alligood, 2008). Dr. Watson’s goals when creating her theory, correlated with the “mental-spiritual growth for self and others, finding meaning in one’s own existence and experiences, discovering inner power and control, and potentiating instances of transcendence and self-healing” (Watson,2007). The theory also is unique in that the change required to resolve the health issues does not include technology, medication, physicians, or nurses the true agent of change is the patient experiencing a well balanced mind, body, and soul. Employing Watson’s theory in nursing is not always an easy task, many nurses today can argue that they simply do not have the time required to develop a true caring moment. With more hospitals demanding more of their nursing staff it becomes a daunting task to develop a genuine caring moment. In applying Dr. Watson’s theory to nursing practice the following is an account of a caring moment that I have had and how Watson’s theory and carative factors guided my actions and thought process throughout the interaction. While working in a Military emergency room (ER) early in my

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