Transpersonal Caring Theory: Jean Watson's Theory In Nursing

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To start off, let’s begin by exploring who Jean Watson is. Jean Watson is an American born nurse scholar. She is a graduate from University of Colorado, where she studied nursing and psychology. She earned a master’s degree in psychiatric-mental health nursing and continued to earn her Ph.D. in educational psychology and counseling. However, Watson is most famous for her philosophy and her Transpersonal Caring Theory in Nursing. One can agrue that Watson’s theory is important in today’s nursing society. Watson describes the theory as a science and important for the patient’s recovery. Her theory has been an educational guide for many nurses and continues to shape nursing today.
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(Watson, 1999 pp. 8-9) This is important in the nursing profession because if caring is not shown between nurse and patient, the patient may have a hard time trusting his/her nurse. Second assumption she describes is that caring should consist of carative factors that results in the satisfaction of human needs. (Watson, 1999 pp. 8-9) Watson defined carative as another word for curative. That being said, she believed that nurses should contain curing factors that would help better their patient. Third assumption in Watson’s theory states that effective caring promotes health for the individual or family. (Watson, 1999 pp. 8-9) It is crucial that nurses know how to deliver the best care possible for the individual and their family. This assumption provides an educational guide… Fourth assumption stated in Watson’s theory states that the caring response should accept a person not only at they are but what they will become. (Watson, 1999 pp. 8-9) This essential in a nurse profession. Nurses should not be biased towards any patient. Each and every patient should be treated with the same respect and care no matter of their condition and or actions. Fifth assumption

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