Waving Won 't Help By Katherine Boulton

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Athara Ibrahim
SLHS 4802: Book Review Title: Shouting Won 't Help: Why I--and 50 Million Other Americans--Can 't Hear You
Author: Katherine Boulton
Publisher & Publication Date: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux & 02/19/2013 The book Shouting Won 't Help by Katherine Boulton is a memoir and guide about being hearing impaired. Her journey about having a bilateral hearing loss: profound deaf in one ear and severely impaired in the other ear. It is a part memoir and a part scientific study about her experience. The book is organized using the author 's personal experience while also explore series of questions about the different types of causes of deafness - environmental and medical factors, the social stigma attached to it, the professional challenges faced with hearing loss and the technologies that help. At the end of every chapter, the author includes a titled chapter “Voices” about other people 's stories about their hardship and experience. Hearing loss isn’t rare because it is estimated 50 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. The authors state this in the title of her book about the many millions of individuals affected by hearing loss. Hearing loss isn’t confined by age. The author developed her hearing loss at the early age of 30 but the significant onset of adult hearing loss occurs between the ages of 19 and 44. People usually think that hearing loss only affects the older generation, but we learn that it can affect individuals

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