Ways in Which Britain is Democratic Essay

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Ways in Which Britain is Democratic

The electorate in the United Kingdom have privileges regarding involvement in their democratic system unlike many other citizens of the World. In 1867 working class men were first given the right to vote, followed by the vote for women in 1918, a consequence of the suffragettes movements. In the twenty-first century the majority of the British public who are seen as deserving of the right to vote and have the mental capacity to make the judgement have the right to participate in local and general elections as well as referenda. This follows the principle of political equality for all.

Citizens can also join parties (no age restriction), with the possible …show more content…

This encourages decisions to be made appropriately and shows the beliefs and issues of the members of the pressure groups.

These rights founded in Athens in the fifth century BC are fundamental to democracy and ensure that any full citizen can be part of Britain’s political direction. Within Britain the electorate also have the choice whether to or not to vote, this principle of electoral freedom also shows how democratic the UK is, with citizens having the choice whether to vote or not. The ballot is secret so the likelihood of political corruption is rare, as technically it should not be possible for the electorates vote to be traced to a particular party. Hence bribery and blackmail nowadays in society have minimal or no effect on the outcome of an election.

The large numbers of tiers, which make up the British democratic system, also shows the level of democracy. Voting is used to elect local councillors and members of parliament. This form of representative democracy allows the electorates view to be voiced on a range of issues from local and national, the constituent also has the power to communicate with their MP to help them make well-informed decisions with regard their constituent’s opinion. Since devolution of power Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales the electorate are also able to choose the ministers for their own assemblies. These

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