We Are A High Poverty Community

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One of the largest factors for my students is that we are a high poverty community. This impacts students in so many ways because it makes it very difficult for them to focus on school as the most important factor. Many are more worried about the troubles and problems at home.
Attendance becomes an issue with the high poverty population because parents are working multiple jobs or odd hours and are not home to see that students get to school on time. Often the students don’t have parental support at home to help with any schoolwork either. Some students don’t even live with their parents because they have other guardians, and some students are facing no shelter at all. The focus for many of these students is survival. School is just a safe place for them to be during the day around adults who care.
The poverty of our students causes limited access to resources outside of school including technology which increases the digital divide for our students. Currently, there is very limited amounts of technology within my building as well, so the digital divide is growing for many of my students.
There is a large housing crisis in our area which affects the types of living environments our families can afford. Our school has about half of the population in rented abodes and half in homes they own. For those families renting the stability is lacking, so there is a large amount of transiency in our student population.

My school has a student population of 900+. We have a high

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