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I hope you are enjoying your day off. I have to say I am not looking forward to the clean up as snow predictions are well beyond what was originally anticipated. I know many of you are using this time to prepare and reflect for another day of teaching. Today, I am thinking about our students and content exposure and would like to share. Please don 't take this as a statement that we are not doing something, rather take it as a statement of getting better at what we do. Each day, Dr. Bongo shares a black history fact that many of you are sharing with your students. In thinking about Black History Month, I encourage you to diversify the content for all students as part of your instructional practice, not just during a specific month.…show more content…
I would be happy to work with any teacher or department in developing culturally responsive NYS standards based units of study or lessons. 1. The rise and fall of "Black Wall Street" (Integrates perfectly into the study of economics grades 7-8 and other areas: Explain how economic decisions affect the well-being of individuals, businesses, and society; evaluate alternative approaches or solutions to economic issues in terms of benefits and costs for different groups of people.) 2. The role/history of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, HBCUs (Integrates into the study of reconstruction 7th or 8th grade, the Civil Rights Movement, any study of presidential beliefs all the way through the Bush era, and can be a collaboration with the guidance department) 3. The Harlem Renaissance (Can be an entire unit of study for art, music, ELA, and 8th grade SS or can be a cross curricular unit during any month....Addresses a wide range of standards across multiple disciplines) 4. W. E. B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington: The Haves and the Have Not 's (Their opposing philosophies can be found in much of today 's discussions over how to end class and racial injustice.This is a great area of study for ELA and SS as there is a plethora of non-fiction text and readings that support a range of opportunities for robust dialogue and writing, and, meets an array of standards. The stark
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