We Are Submerged Into A Vivid Retelling Of An African American Woman Essay

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In Susie King Taylor’s Memoir, we are submerged into a vivid retelling of an African American woman’s experience during her time serving as a nurse and laundress for African American infantries during the Civil War. Taylor describes in great detail what life was like for the African American soldiers whom she would care for during their battles against the rebels of the confederacy. Taylor also shares what her own life was like prior to, during, and after her time as an infantry worker. Taylor’s personal story parallels the lives of many African Americans during the civil war era, and the array of social challenges African Americans were forced to endure day in and day out. As we look into this great recollection of history, it is important to understand the significant influence education had over Taylor. During Taylor’s lifetime, education granted her the ability to survive during her time working for the military, educate those around that were around her, and formulate her own life experiences into literature. Education is a very powerful thing, it is a tool that allows us to challenge ourselves intellectually and achieve great amounts of success. Education also serves as a crucial tool for survival. Being educated allowed Taylor to survive early on in her life despite being born into slavery. Taylor’s education would eventually aid her in escaping the racist environment she was exposed to in Savanna Georgia. Taylor’s academic studies began after her grandmother’s

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