Analysis Of The Narrative ' Reminiscences Of My Life ' Camp ' Essay

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Kyree Rauf History 335-02 11/19/2016

Susie King Taylor: Education & War

The narrative entitled “Reminiscences of My Life in Camp” is an up close look into the life of Susie King Taylor. Susie King Taylor was an African American woman born as a slave in Savannah Georgia during the antebellum period of America. Susie Taylor was born 14 years before the start of the civil war. A war that would eventually lead to the abolishment of slavery in America. The narrative of Susie Taylor tells her story as an individual, but still provides information about life during the war. Throughout the story Taylor talks about what it was like experiencing the war so closely and how life within a Black infantry included racism, discrimination, violence, and illness. Taylor also gives us details about her childhood, education, and the bond she developed with the Black soldiers. Above all we get to see how education shaped Taylor’s life and the lives of those that she was around. Education was highly important in Susie King Taylor’s life because it gave her a greater
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