We Live In A Society Where The Police Are Not Seen As The

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We live in a society where the police are not seen as the good guy. People have a hard time believing they are safe with a policeman. Over the year’s things has changed for the public. Our technology is better and more connected with other people. Many videos of police over using their power are able to circulate over social media and the web. People are seeing many bad views on police than good. Which lead society hard to trust the people who protect and service us. Police misusing power leads to the debate of the constitutional law and amendments. Incidents like police handling their victims roughly have gone unpublished before better technology. Lawfulness and legitimacy plays a role in a police line of work, yet, society has changed …show more content…

Due to the likely of the children to get shot or mistaken as a criminal with a weapon. There has been injustice death for those that did not live through a come across from an authority. Violations of arrest have happened where one’s rights are not respected or given. For this reason, many tend to consider the procedural justice than the outcome. Social interaction between the police and citizens are necessary and critical. If the community does not feel that their group of people do not matter to police this will create a deterrence. But, if the interaction between both succeed this can lead to compliance and understanding for an easier outcome for both sides. For example, gun offenders and other criminals feel lack of respect from officers. The smallest error one policeman can make can leave a harsh impression on all authority.

In the same way, there can be stereotype for authority due to having the law to assist them to do illegal actions. This assisting them to getting away as much as they desire, which most of society believes. Peel 's second principle of the nine implies "the ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police actions. This entitles that police are to maintain respect to keep the public respect and well being. So, why do those who encounter the police care for procedural justice? It is normal everyday life for one feel respect and as an equal. The

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