We Look At Fmri Images When Veterans Essay

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Men and women around the world put their lives on the line all in the name of either protecting their countries or protecting themselves. The act of taking someone’s life is viewed in many different ways depending on the situation, for example, it is okay when acting in defense such as a soldier is, but is not okay when done without cause or is premeditated. In cases where the defendant is found guilty of murder, many people are sentenced to death, in which there are many options to choose from to fulfill the death sentence. There are the electric chair, firing squads, gas chambers, hanging, or lethal injections . In experiment 1, we look at FMRI images when veterans look at simulations of death to see if the Lateral Orbitofrontal Cortex is activated and if there is associated guilt. In experiment 2, we will try to determine if these veterans view these men and women in charge of carrying out the execution the same as the murderer themselves in the sense that they both are taking a life by carrying out 3 experiments, testing intent, decisions, and response times. The results should hopefully shed some insight on the nature of moral beliefs. Keywords: Military Veterans, executioner, murder, guilt ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. Introduction While there are many methods approved for the death sentence, of these methods, only certain states honor each one. The lethal injection is authorized in 33 states, electrocution coming
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