We Lost Our Country Analysis

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"We lost our identity. We Moldovan's don't fit in anywhere. in Russia, they say your Romanian. In Romania, they say you're Russian. Moldova is an injured body. It needs to heal." "How can you feel good about yourself if you don't know who you are?" (Wiener 213)

Wiener is saying that one cannot be happy if they do not know who they are. Steamed off by what one Moldova disclosed, Moldavians are unhappy because they are not accepted by the Romanian's or Russian's. They do not have a culture of their own.
This is an extremely valid point. If you don't have a sense of belonging you cannot maintain happiness. I can relate to these Moldovan's. I am a Heinz 57. I am mixed with several different races, Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American and African American. Although, I embrace the fact …show more content…

Although, he senses that their happiness stems from other reasoning--living without hope. He sheds light on the fact that money has a significant effect on them. The Moldovan population believes that money is the source of happiness. Money, they perceive can buy happiness. I agree, but only to a certain degree. These people have acquired less 'freedom' since they became a democracy. They are now jobless and homeless, are restricted from traveling without a visa; a pleasure once known to these people. I think Wiener is on to something, you have to have hope to be happy. Just as well the Moldovans are correct their unhappiness stems from lacking money. However, I do not believe that money would ultimately solve their issue in their country, only help ease their situation. I think they are in fact living without hope, as they have no trust, well in anybody or anything. However, they may not view themselves this way just as an abused spouse may not easily come to terms that they are being abuse by their loved one. Hope is a key factor of living a happy life, without hope you have no dreams or

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