The Country Of Moldova And The European Union

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Until recently, the country of Moldova did not even exist to my knowledge. I had never heard its name, did not know where it was located, and I obviously had no idea about the extremely complex and serious ongoing issue with their government system. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in all of Europe and has been tossed around between Russian and Romanian control since the 16th century. It only officially declared its sovereignty from its last owner, Russia, in 1990, its independence in 1991, and became a part of the United Nations in 1992. Even though it finally gained its independence, Moldova just cannot win for losing. It seems no matter what political decisions they make, they are wrong and ultimately pissing off someone. The…show more content…
This gave many people in Moldova the impression that if the country sides with the EU, they will be lead into corruption which boosted the amount of Pro-Russian supporters. Romania is also noticing this corruption occurring in the Moldovan government and is questioning Moldova’s ability to be a part of the EU. I chose to research this issue because the current corruption of the Moldovan government and its impact on its people, is going to play a major role in the future of Moldova as a country. How these events are influencing the opinions of the people will ultimately determine the structure of Moldova’s government, and this is a big deal for this struggling country. I personally do not have an opinion yet about this issue as I am not adequately informed about the pros and cons of the two political parties in conflict, but I hope to be able to better understand the two sides of this issue and possibly develop my own opinion on the issue of Moldova’s future government. Moldova’s people are faced between the choices of Socialist Russia, who is impressing on them with economical threats, or continuing down the path towards the EU, which as their government appears to be bathed with corrupted politics and politicians, is proving to be more of an obstacle than once imagined. Of which is the lesser of two evils for this poor, literally and figuratively, European country? Once I began
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