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“We Are Marshall”

Olivia Avery
English 101

The movie “We Are Marshall” is a movie about football. The movie isn’t just a normal football movie. It’s a movie that shows how a town and a college rebuilds after the tragedy that they went through. The town of Huntington, West Virginia and Marshall University went through the tragedy of a plane crash that killed seventy-five people, including football players, coaches, fans, boosters, mothers, fathers, doctors, lawyers and even governors. From this experience people had a choice to rebuild or continue to mourn their loved ones. Nate Ruffin, Donald Dedmon and Coach Jack Lengyel chose to rebuild through ways of leadership, optimism and morals. …show more content…

They recruit guys from soccer, basketball, a farm and even other football teams to come and play for them. Lengyel has a new vision for Marshall, and calls them the “Young Thundering Herd.” Jack is the person to do things that most coaches wouldn’t do because that just in his personality. As a result he seeks out help from Bobby Bowden, the coach of the University of West Virginia. Jack asks him “if He and Dawson can see the coaches’ videos, plays, and handbooks and even if he had any tips for them.” Bowden laughs at first and asks “if Jack was serious…” He then see that the men are serious and allows them to view the tapes, rules, handbooks and anything else they wanted. He does this because Bowden understands that a team is in grief and confusion. When this happens Dawson’s disbelief that he had about the team and Jack trying to help changes and he becomes a little bit more optimistic about the future of Marshall and the town.
Jack not only changes the people around him and makes them see that there is a brighter day, but he also rebuilds their morals and confidence. He does this in various scenes of the movie. For instance, when Jack asked Dedmon to challenge the NCAA and all Dedmon was getting back was rejection letters. Jack asked him if he was

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