Weaknesses In Prosecution's Case Had It Gone To Trial Case Study

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Weaknesses in prosecution’s case had it gone to trial: Lack of inculpatory forensic evidence Lack of reliable eyewitness testimony The prosecution offered the testimony of five witnesses : Reverend Samuel B. Kyles, a friend of Dr. King who was on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel with him at the moment he was shot. Having turned his back to walk away, Kyles did not see King as he was struck and mistook the sound of the shot for a car backfiring. (T32) He did not have any personal knowledge of the origin of the shot but mentioned looking towards the front of the rooming house opposite “because there were bushes and things.” King's attorney Chauncy Eskridge who was also at the Lorraine that evening. Asked, “did you look back over …show more content…

(T52) He did not explain why he kept these two items. FBI Special Agent Robert G. Jensen who testified to receiving the bundle from Zachary. (T55) He further testified to ordering his agents to make a canvass of hotels and motels in Shelby County and finding a registration card at the Rebel Motel bearing the name Eric S. Galt (one of Ray's aliases); tracking the recovered rifle to Aero Marine Supply Company in Birmingham, Alabama; recovering a white Ford Mustang that was abandoned in Atlanta, Georgia; and tracing other items from the suitcase—including the T-shirt and shorts Zachary said he did not turn over— to Los Angeles. Finally, Jensen was asked, “Did the investigation made by the FBI culminate in the arrest of James Earl Ray?” to which he replied, “Yes it did.” (T59) Canale's executive assistant Robert Dwyer then informed the court, “That is all the proof the state cares to offer at this time.” Ray at the Rooming House Ray had rejected the first room he was offered at the roominghouse, a room on the south side of the building, in favor of a room on the north side, facing the Lorraine Motel. (T61-62) Thus the implication is made that Ray was specifically looking for a room with a view of Dr. King's room at the Lorraine. However, rooming house owner, Bessie Brewer said in her April 4, 1968 interview, Ray didn't ask for a room on the north side or check the

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