Wealth and Poverty in Two Still Life Paintings Essay

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RIn Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardines’ Painting,Still Life with Kitchen Utensils and Sebastian Stospkopff’s, Still Life with Empty Glasses there are kitchen tables filled with various materials but the styles vary as well as the depiction of class.One painting depicts upper class life, while the other conveys a more humble village family table. In Jean’s painting unlike Sebastian’s,the kitchen table has on it kitchenware that depicts a humble lifestyle . It conveys the life of a commoner or a village family.The painting includes hanging meat, a pan, dirty clothe, onions,celery,a brown bowl, and a black ladle amongst other things all conveyed using brushstrokes. The brown bowl is not made of fine gold,it is simply cheap. The pan is not made …show more content…
After all, all who see Jean Baptistes’ painting are separated from it by the frame which is large for such a small painting , and by the brushstrokes hinting at the notion that what one sees in the picture does not depict their own life, it is in a sense not there own reality but someone elses.In effect, it is blurry because they don’t quite understand the life of a poor villager. Therefore Still Life with Glasses presents realism, and wealth whereas Still Life with kitchen Utensils presents a blurry view into the world of poverty due to the visibility of the brushstrokes and the somewhat broken lines of the table amongst other things. Both show kitchen tables, and both paintings would be hung on the wall of a noblemans house, but as stated, both use different styles to depict members of different classes, one commoner, the other noble. The Still Life with Cooking Utensils and Still Life with Glasses depict a kitchen setting, Jean’s painting, Still Life with Cooking Utensils depicts a table from a village house while Sebastian’s Still Life with Glasses conveys nobility in its design. At the center of Sebastians painting one sees this bright bronze basin with a shining silver object within it. A sense of awe, as one wonders what that shiny silver object is exactly. It is intricately painted with different silver hues and dark lines representing the metallic. The bronze basin in
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