Weapons Of Mass Destruction: A Case Study

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The problem I would like to address is how can we shared values and new security strategies to reduce ethnic conflicts, terrorism, and the use of weapons of mass destruction. I would align two solutions. One solution for the problem of sharing one set of values. Another solution for the new security strategies. The two solutions I would align to reduce ethnic conflict, terrorism, and the use of weapons of mass destruction is identify functions parts of the value system within in the security system and create a systemic process system with kanban for check and balance. It is important to create prosocial behavior with stable and predictable patterns from the pre existing social arrangements using one language to identify them due to social forces. The social forces impact how we think and behave, how we see people, and how people see us (Durkin & Carrothers, 2015). Identifying the norms and values within the system allows creates a structure were true understanding of reasoning and logic are made clear for communicating the meaning of norms and values that shape prosocial behavior. The norms and values are a functions part to the whole system. The society is the whole system. Norms and values are a functioning part. A framework driven by common sense to communicate the function part (norms and values) is idea for promoting facts and evidence that would motivate prosocial behavior and encourage balance at check points. A communication network would be the base to a systemic process system with kanban for check and balances. The kanban points for check and balance would be areas for adjustments or maintenance from formulated objective or scope calculation. The …show more content…

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