Weapons and Drugs in Our Schools Essay

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Weapons and Drugs in Our Schools


The problem of weapons and drugs in schools has become a serious problem in schools throughout the United States. Almost 20% of all students in high school report that they have carried a weapon at least once, and in the past two years there have been over 80 homicides committed on school grounds. Also, teenage drug use in America is the highest of any industrialized nation and it is only getting worse. After a decade of declining drug use, the use of all illegal drugs by teenagers has increased significantly. Sixty-one percent of seniors in high school report of having used drugs and the percentage of children using drugs by the sixth grade has tripled. "In a recent survey, 19 percent of …show more content…

What is Being Done:

"Zero tolerance" policies are the new theme in fighting weapons and drugs in schools. These policies behind the pressure of President Clinton have been enacted in 47 states. The idea is to encourage states to get tough on youth that threaten their own safety and the safety of others. Some of the more popular measures with these policies include installing metal detectors at school entrances, the use of armed security guards to patrol and monitor students, and the automatic removal of students who break rules regarding weapons and drugs. According to the Department of Education, school districts that have enacted these policies are showing improvements in these areas. For example, Dade county public school officials seized only 110 guns in the past year from 193 the previous year after enacting a zero tolerance policy.

What Should Be Done:

With millions of dollars being spent on measures to fight weapons and drugs in schools, little reason for optimism exists due to the track record of these methods and programs. Drugs and problems still continue to be a serious problem for our youth. For example, despite spending more than 20 million dollars on the installation of metal detectors at public schools in New York City, weapons continue to be a serious problem. In order for us to have safe schools, we need to bridge the gap between

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