Weed-Personal Narrative

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At age 12 I sat in a trailer with my sister age 16 and three good friends, Maddy pulled out a bag and out of that bag she took out a febreez box which contained a bag of weed., she didnt actually smoke the weed, but she showed us how you would. tears filled my eyes, taking in reality that all that she had been taught and all she knew about drugs, that my big sister, example, stouped so low. Maddy told me I could not tell a soul. It was just about the most deteriorating, and invigorating thing I could ever imagine to promise to her. To promise her I would never tell anybody about what I had just witnessed. My friend jammed a ton of thoughts and words in to my head that I needed to promise her, and the were putting so much pressure and weight …show more content…

That year was a complete hell and I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror because of the heartache and self reflection she caused to me. Each and every promise dug a hole deeper and deeper and so on into my heart. They created some type of barrier from me to the fake Lauren that people saw from the outside, warm hearted, funny, lovable, little Lauren, but in all reality that wasnt me at all. I was the girl that sat in her room, that cried herself to sleep every night, that prayed everything would get better, people would get better, she’d get better, I was sick and nobody knew it. I was never diagnosed with depression. Various times, suicidal feelings fled into my mind, “You are not worth it, and you never will be”consistantly I told myself …show more content…

causing an outroar between her and my parents, my mom asked me what I knew about Maddy and she wanted to know everything. so many thoughts rushed through my head, one specifically saying, “you made a promise”. I tried so hard to hold back tears, but I couldnt. And all I said to my mom was that she had smoked weed once. I couldnt keep it in anymore, but i couldnt let it all out so after that my mom got up and I sat on the couch. She left the room and it was almost as if not a physical pain hit me, but a mental pain rushed through my body, and I completely broke

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