Illustrative Essay About Marijuana

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In my illustrative essay I’m going to be writing about legalizing marijuana. It doesn’t seem like a good choice for some people but legalizing marijuana would probably change things a lot in our state. Legalizing marijuana would cut down some of the crime rate since people wouldn’t be in trouble for selling or being caught with it. It would also help the people who has to have it for their medical condition. Another thing about legalizing marijuana is that marijuana doesn’t really have long term effects on a person’s health unless they start smoking at a juvenile age.

Legalizing marijuana would help cut down some of the crime rate and not much people would go to jail. By marijuana staying illegal it is hurting some people’s future because people who get caught with marijuana could face jail time and having marijuana on you could be charged as a the article “Marijuana legalization: Research review on crime and impaired driving” it goes into great detail on how illegal marijuana can cause more trouble. It explains that cops are more likely to arrest a black male for drug trafficking than to arrest a white male for it. The article explains this by saying “Black men, according to federal data collated by the American Civil Liberties Union and widely cited by scholars, are almost four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, even though both groups use the drug at roughly the same rate.” Legalizing marijuana would stop this and reduce
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