Essay on "Weeding" Out Amendment 64

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Colorado voters do not realize how easy they have made it for children to obtain marijuana. When Amendment 64 was passed, an already troublesome condition escalated to a more dangerous level for our youth. School officials are “reporting an increase in marijuana-related incidents in middle and high schools” (Nancy Lofholm). Sadly, parents smoke openly, in front of their children. Now that they can legally obtain one ounce of marijuana, they do not see the need to keep the drugs out of sight. Once in plain sight, kids have more access to marijuana to share or sell with their peers. Easy availability of weed to minors has very harmful effects on the young mind. Amendment 64 needs to be altered to include more stringent controls to keep the …show more content…

The new law gives kids a false confidence, and now they feel they are “cool” by bringing drugs to school. The effects of this new law must not be taken lightly because it is creating an uncomfortable environment in schools. It is recognized that more students are smoking before school and during their lunch periods. A police report said that, “…school officials call him and he talks to the kids, but it is a little more difficult now to cite them if they aren't caught in the act. They can say that they were around an adult medical marijuana user and weren't smoking themselves” (Lofholm). Without changing Amendment 64 to add regulations to strongly discourage access and use by our youth things will only get worse. Parents and other legal adult users need to be educated about the increased marijuana incidents on school grounds, as well as the harms of marijuana on the young developing brain. To the credit of the writers of Amendment 64, they included protective packaging requirements on sellable products. “Marijuana must be placed in special child-resistant packages, designed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open, before it is removed from the dispensary” (Matt Ferner). The law also prevents anyone under the age of 21 to purchase recreational marijuana. Where they failed was to protect anyone from six years to the legal age! Kids of the prohibited age are most likely to use the product and suffer lifelong brain

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