Weight Of The Nation Part 1 : Consequences

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Weight of the Nation Part 1: Consequences In its’ last survey of American Health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention determined that 68.8% of American adults are overweight or obese. Bogalusa, Louisiana was one of the main locations the video took place or was studied. Cindy Roach and 93% of Bogalusa children in 1972 joined in the Bogalusa Heart Study. The study found 77% of the children or adults were obese. Cardiologist Gerald Berenson made a historic discovery with the Bogalusa Heart Study. He discovered that heart disease starts in childhood. All aspects of health, as well as weight are predictors of heart disease. Autopsies comparing non-cardiac death and cardiac (overweight/obese) showed evidence of heart disease by …show more content…

I believe that is one factor that can lead to becoming overweight or obesity because they are not getting the recommended physical activity. The video showed Bogalusa not have an adequate playground. The playground had overgrown grass, pieces missing, broken parts, which kept away children from playing. Being around the ages of five or ten years old have shown an increase of chance to get plaques and lesions in the arteries which can lead to early heart and health problems. The growing amount of children becoming overweight or obese is a problem. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s future. Children growing up having health problems will only cause more problems in the future. Not only does being overweight or obese cause health problems, it can cause mental problems like depression. The disorders and human misery is still growing and the professionals do not think it is going to stop anytime soon. Health care costs are dramatically increasing as the health problems do. Employers are having and are going to have an even harder tie finding fit employees to do the job. Since above average people have more health problems they are more likely are going to miss more work for illness or appointments, or can not do the job fully because of their health restrictions and problems.The productivity of items are going to go down. The military is also struggling to find

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