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Starting from the attractive village of Welburn this walk undertakes a circuit of the Castle Howard Estate. The scenery is stunning with beautiful parkland, ancient woodland and inspiring monuments to savour. Until 1986 Welburn was a chapelry within the parish of Bulmer when it became a parish in its own right, as part of a new benefice of Dalby, Terrington and Welburn. Welburn is a linear village. It was part of a joint parish with Bulmer until the 19th Century when it gained its own church and cemetery. Consecrated in 1865, the spire and tower-topped Church of St. John the Evangelist was mostly funded by the late Earl of Carlisle. The pews are made of oak and several of the stained glass windows are memorials to the Howard family. Dial…show more content…
He travelled extensively in South America, sending specimens of more than 7,000 plants back to England, many of which were new to science. He gathered seeds of the quinine-producing cinchona tree from the slopes of the Andes – these were used by the Empire in India as a source of this anti-malarial drug. Born in Ganthorpe, his family moved to Welburn in 1841. When not abroad he spent much of his adult life in Welburn, occasionally deputising for his father as the teacher at Welburn School. The main building of Welburn School was built in 1841 and it opened as a boys school in that year. Today both boys and girls travel from Welburn and the outlying villages and farmsteads to attend the school. With the support of the Howardian Hills AONB SDF, the children and teachers have worked hard to create an organic kitchen garden and a wildlife area. As well as providing an educational resource these features have added greatly to the biodiversity value of the grounds. It has one school, Welburn Community School, in the centre of the village. It also has a dog-friendly pub/restaurant, the Crown and Cushion, which provides a centre for the village and Leaf and Loaf, village bakery and cafe. Welburn is one of the few villages in the area that still has a red telephone box (located near the centre of the village); they are becoming an increasing rarity in North
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