Welfare During The Great Depression

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A single mom had her first child at the age of 18. She was working at the time but it was barely enough to pay her bills. What was she to do she had a child to feed. Three words apply for welfare, but did that mean she was lazy did drugs jobless and used government funds for her own selfish reason. You decide? I will start off by letting you know the information behind welfare. Then I will go into the opposition on why people might think it is necessary for applicants to be drug tested, and I will end with my stance on the topic.
Welfare began in the 1930s during the great depression. The government created the welfare program to give to the large numbers of families and who had little or no income. A person can get on welfare depending on a numerous of factors. Like income, size of family and crisis situations such as: medical emergencies, pregnancy, homelessness or unemployment. It also offers job training according to "US Welfare System - Help for US Citizens." some states even began to experiment with programs that required welfare recipients to find work within a specified period of time, after which welfare benefits would cease. When applying for welfare you are assigned a case worker that will gather all the necessary information to determine the amount and type of benefits that an individual can get. The type of welfare available varies from state to state. In 1996 the federal government gave control back to the states by passing a reform law signed by President

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