Welfare, No Help There

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Welfare, no Help There
Every year protesters demand more government support for the poor. With slogans like “We are the 99 percent” and “Fight for 15,” they plead for the government to protect people with low-paying jobs and ensure that everyone has enough resources to live. In response politicians routinely promise to help the poor by increasing welfare or raising minimal wage laws. Ironically, the government’s efforts to protect the impoverished have actually caused much of today’s poverty.
First, government attempts to force businesses to pay “fair” wages have created much of America’s unemployment problems. Ever increasing minimum wage laws only serve to prevent well-meaning employers from hiring those in desperate need of jobs—low-skilled workers. Businesses can only afford to hire employees who make more money for the company than the company pays them. Unfortunately, governments cannot raise the value of people’s labor any more than they can change the acceleration due to gravity or increase the speed of light. As a result, minimum wage laws do not force businesses to pay “fair” wages; they prevent businesses from hiring low-skilled workers who cannot generate enough revenue to counterbalance the legally required salary. Furthermore, some claim poor workers need protection from exploitation, but the evidence points the opposite way. I have watched friends who searched fruitlessly for jobs rejoice when they finally began earning minimum wage, but I have yet to see a
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