Essay about Well Known Practitioners of Realpolitik

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Realpolitik is a goal oriented and practical form of politics, which overlooks morals, ethicality, and ideals to attain the interests of the nation or country. It doesn’t view compromise of ideals or morals as wrong, if it brings about the achievement of the political and national goal. The only thing that makes any action or decision taken right or wrong is its level of success. Those who practice realpolitik will not hesitate to take the decisions needed, whether unethical, unidealistic, or amoral, to bring about the desired end result. To do this, a realistic appraisal of power must be made, and based on that information decisions are taken to realize the self-interests of the individual state. Otto Von Bismarck, the …show more content…

He allied Italy with France, a great power, securing not only France’s support but military assistance as well. Cavour realized that a unified Italy was too weak to achieve unification on its own, and based on his assessment of Italy’s power took the steps needed to realize Italy’s self-interests, by allying himself with a great power. Through this arrangement he was able to receive the Lombardy province upon Austria’s defeat, from France. Then when Austria received yet another defeating blow, this time from Prussia, Cavour made a deal with Prussia and gained Venetia. Italy then became a united nation through Cavour’s brilliant scheming and deals. Louis Napoleon III, the first president to be elected by the male suffrage, and the last emperor of France, in a way practiced Realpolitik. He realistically looked at his options, and saw that through the elections he could take his first steps in realizing his self-interests for France. As any other means to place himself in power would be too difficult, and have a low chance of success. He won the elections legally, but then through a coup d’état he became dictator, and a year later he crowned himself emperor. Despite his amoral ascension to the throne he brought prosperity and general good for the people of France. Whether Realpolitik can be justified or not, it is safe to say that the role it has played, has been immensely important in bringing about major political and

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