Wellbeing of the Milspouse

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In preparing for my quantitative research I reviewed three articles relating to the wellbeing of the milspouse. The first article, “Military Deployment and the Spouse Left Behind”, Asbury and Martin (2011) included both male and female milspouses who were civilians or they were active duty personnel themselves. They gathered their data via a voluntary online survey which measured the spouses’ depression, anxiety, perceived social support, and marital discord. They focused on the differences between the civilian milspouses and the military milspouses and hypothesized that the military milspouses would experience more depression, have higher rates of anxiety, experience higher rates of isolation and marital discord than their civilian counter parts. They found no significant difference between the groups in depression, anxiety, or perception of social support. They did discover in the marital discord findings there was a significant statistical differences between participants with a spouse in the military and the participants with civilian a spouse. “The results showed that participants with military spouses had more marital discord being that 80% of the military milspouses and only 17% of the civilian milspouses had frequently considered divorce.” (2011, p. 47) The second article, “Military Community Integration and Its Effect on Well-Being and Retention”, Burrell, Durand & Fortado (2003) ask; does integration In the military community affect the spouses

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