Wells ' The Time Machine Wells

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In H.G Wells’ The Time Machine Wells explores the concept of human evolution. The Time Traveller ventures into a future world that is home to only two living creatures, the Eloi and Morlocks. The Time Traveller considers these creatures to be descendants of humanity. Going off of that assumption, Wells is illustrating the impact society has on the species’ progress due to the fact that the Eloi and Morlocks have seemingly gone backwards. The Time Traveller inhibits an ethnocentric use of technology and view that it is vital for survival and progress, while he is juxtaposed into a world of simple natural living in “perfect comfort and security” (Wells 28). This contrast of technology’s necessity between the Time Traveller and the inhabitants of the year 802,701 exemplifies Well’s deeper point that humans are dependent on and abuse technology, leading to the ultimate destruction of humanity itself. When the Time Traveller first arrives in the year 802,701 he encountered the Eloi people. The Eloi lived above ground on land “free from gnats, the earth from fungi; everywhere were fruits and sweet delightful flowers” (27). This natural scene of the Earth contrasts with the subterranean habitat that the Time Traveller had to climb “down a shaft” (43) with “metallic arcs projecting from the sides of the well” (43). Which led to a “vast arched cavern” (44) with “big machines” (44) surrounding. After the Time Traveller traversed down into the underworld he feared “how ill equipped”…
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