Welter Weight of Plant Growing

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Welter-Weight of plant growing: Water VS other liquids Purpose of Project The purpose of this project is to see if there is a difference in how plants grow based on what they are watered with. By watering five different plants with five different liquids and measuring them daily we will prove or disprove the hypothesis. Problem of the Project Different liquids contain different additives and nutrients that could potentially affect the growth of a plant. This project will reveal how different liquids affect the growth of plants. Various research has been done that will support the problem of what liquid can stimulate the growth of a plant more successfully. By measuring each plant after watering them with the six liquids, the…show more content…
The water container had the most growth and produced two plants – one on day 7 and one on day 8 which indicated both seeds had germinated. Each plant produced one leaf (both on day 10). The leaves were light green in color and had a firm texture. The milk container was the only other container that had any growth at all. On day 11, one sprout appeared and curled up from the soil; however, the stem never emerged and by day 13, it had died. No other pot produced a plant. Processed Data: Data Analysis: Given the information, the only liquid good for the bean seeds was the water. Plant growth – day 11 The major result of this experiment was that water was the only liquid that would produce a bean plant. Milk did germinate a seed, but was unable to support the growth of the plant. No other liquids used in the experiment produced a bean sprout. Research Conclusion: In the hypothesis, the purpose of the experiment was to discover a liquid that provided the best plant growth. When the experiment started, it was hypothesized there would
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