Wes Anderson : A Creative And Unique Filmmaker

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Wes Anderson is widely known as a creative and unique filmmaker, who focuses his distinctive style mostly on narratives and symmetry. Anderson has made a name for himself through several films that depict unusual, yet comical characters, and also connect with the audience through visual aspects. As a young director, Anderson began his amateur career with his debut film Bottle Rocket, and quickly rose to fame by winning several awards, including an AFI Award for Movie of the Year for his 2012 film, Moonrise Kingdom. This particular film expresses Anderson’s quirky style by following the love story of two rebellious teenagers who run away together following their parents’ disapproval, causing the whole town to go out and search for them. …show more content…

This can be known as an establishing shot, which shows the viewers where the next few events or scenes will take place. Establishing shots are often used at the beginning of scenes, to give the viewer an idea of what kind of setting the following action will occur in. The next scene shows the interior of the house, taking the audience on a tour by panning from room to room. In order to do this steadily, a dolly is used so that the vertical movement is kept at a minimum, and the camera can move horizontally instead. A dolly shot consists of a camera set up on a wheeled cart traveling on a specific track to create smooth movements. In the film, the dolly shot prompts the audience to feel as though they are inside the house as well, experiencing a slight dollhouse perception. As the dolly moves throughout, it stops at several rooms showing the objects and the blocking of characters in them. By the last room scene, the dolly pauses and zooms in to a close up of Suzy reading a book. After a few seconds, Suzy is seen opening the window curtain. The camera then switches views from the interior of the house to the exterior, with Suzy looking out of the window with her imperative binoculars. The camera then zooms out at a relatively fast pace into an extreme long shot of the house on the water. This shot mirrors the opening scene of the house painting, while maintaining Suzy directly in the middle of the shot, creating the aspect of symmetry. The extreme long shot, also called

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