Western Culture : World War 2 : How Has It Affected Our Culture Today?

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Western Culture: World War 2: How has it affected our Culture Today? In the mid-twenties, the world was affected by a numerous amount of significant wars, but the one that I will be focusing on is known as World War 2 (WW2). WW2 started 21 years after World War 1 from 1939 to 1945. It was an extremely deadly war, one of the deadliest wars in war history to be exact. According to the textbook, Handbook for the Humanities during its six-year period the war left over seventeen million soldiers and over eighteen million civilians’ dead (Benton 289). In the book History of the second war it explains that this disaster was initiated by Adolf Hitler and his deadly plan to invade Poland so that the German people could expand and attain additional living space (Hart 3). During this time the leader of the Nazi Party, Hitler was holding Jewish men, women, and children in concentration camps in hopes to eliminate the entire “race.” Before WW2 Germany was hit hard by the great depression and was going through an economic crisis, he used the holocaust and the invasion as a justification to limit inflation. The war was between two countries broken into groups. On one side were the Axis Powers and on the other side were the Allies. The Axis powers included Japan, Germany and Italy, while the Allies included Britain, Australia, France, the Soviet Union, and China, the United States did not join the Allies until a few years later. The war was fought in Europe, Asia, Russia, and North
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