Western Representations Of East European Women Essay

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Vampirettes, Wretches and Amazons: Western Representations of East European Women. By Valentina Glajar and Domnica Radulescu. East European Monographs, Boulder, Co. New York 2004. The publication of this collection of essays, written, edited, collected, and given and introduction by a cast of female writers, hailing from and writing for the variety of Eastern European countries addressed within the collection, forms the basis for a future dialog and investigation into the issues addressed. While addressing a range of media outlets and forms in the analysis of the stereotypes and sexist ideas forced upon the female population of the Eastern European countries, the editors acknowledge within their introduction that they in no way cover every possible type of media, stereotype, ethnic group, or representations of these Eastern European women, but desire for the readers to “approach this collection as a pioneering attempt in what should hopefully be a longer journey still to be continued” . The goal of this collection, which traces the prevalent patterns of representation of these women in Western art and culture, connecting the constructs to the realities facing the women, past and present, is to demonstrate how the daily life of these women in society is directly related to how they are represented . It also aims to provide a hope for, in the future, a better understanding of both the problems, but also the diversity of the women of Eastern Europe, and a change of

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