Wgu Lit1 Task 2 Essay

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| Sole Proprietorship | Description | In a sole proprietorship, the business and single owner are one in the same. A single owner makes all decisions with regard to the business and the single owner retains all profits earned by the business. The single owner is also responsible/liable for all debts and obligations of the business on a personal level. | Two Advantages | A sole proprietorship is easy to create; there is minimal creation cost and time.The single owner has autonomy in decision making; sole owner makes all decisions related to the business and has complete ownership of business’s finances. | Two Disadvantages | It is impossible to add additional owners and to pass on business, business dies with owner. A single owner…show more content…
| Profit retention | The business itself does not retain any profits. 100% of profits remain with the owner and is considered personal income. | | General Partnership | Description | A general partnership is comprised of a group of two or more individuals who enter into an agreement to start a business. The partners and the business are legally the same. The partners enter into an agreement called the articles of partnership and are typically equally active in the business and the business’s management, unless otherwise stated in the partnership agreement. All profits and losses are shared by the partners in a joint business venture. | Two Advantages | A general partnership allows for a pooling of capital and talent and a sharing of the risk. Additional benefits to a general partnership include additional expertise in decision making and a sharing of the workload. General partnerships are easy and inexpensive to start up. | Two Disadvantages | The partners are jointly and severally liable for business debts and obligations. The partners are held personally responsible for the business and may be sued personally for liability. Partners’ personal assets are subject to lawsuit(s) made against the business. Lack of continuity; death of a partner may end the partnership/business if a buy/sell agreement is not in place. Disagreements may be difficult to resolve. | Liability | Liability is not limited; all partners are liable jointly and

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