Whap Ch 19-21 Study Questions

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Chapter 19 Study Questions

1. The function of the griot in sub-Saharan African Culture was to transfer cultures through oral communication. They were often professional singers and storytellers that told oral traditions including stories, histories, epics, and other accounts. The story of Sundiata was told by the griots. 2. The introduction to bananas encouraged a fresh migratory surge. The cultivations of bananas increased the food supplies available and allowed the Bantus to expand more rapidly. The arrival of camel quickened the pace of communication and transportation across the Sahara. Camels could travel long distance without having to drink water and thus made them useful beasts of burden in an arid region. 3. Kin-based
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The name refers to the expansion of Christianity throughout the lands. However, whenever the emperors tried to expand their influences beyond Germany, they were resisted by the popes. Also independent monarchies fought with each other. 3. The monarchies in France started out slowly where they conquered land little by little, while the monarchies in England were basically created by Vikings also known as Normans when they invaded England. Both monarchies faced external challenges, but they also ruled with a more tightly centralized government. 4. The expansion of agricultural production would yield higher taxes and increase the lords’ wealth. They started cultivating beans due to beans be able to fix nitrogen in the soils. It served as a dietary protein as well. New technologies such as the horseshoes and horse collars made it possible to increase more land to be cultivated in a lesser amount of time. 5. Textile industry in the European economy during this period helped fuel economic development throughout Europe. Products such as wool were traded throughout trade networks. 6. The centers of the trade networks for Europe were at the Mediterranean basin. The Mediterranean trade networks embraced many regions such as Genoa, Pisa, Naples, and other Italian cities. Also, colonies were established near the Mediterranean which then they were able to deal with Muslim merchants and led to the trade with India, SE Asia,

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