What A Proud Country The United States Essay

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What a proud country the United States is. Above all else, above our strained political convolutions, above our petty squabbles, we hold our ideals dear, and in the highest regard there can be. Being of these very sentiments,2 I write, with rare urgency to this congregation today, to inform you of a passive injustice plaguing the ideals we hold so dear, a malefic actor whose shadow overcasts our very underpinning. A basilisk is lurking throughout the conduits that serve our school of thought; it brings quietus to all who dare meet those ebony irises, and those wicked pupils. All but a few chevaliers, that is; this legislature must act, for only you have the potential to rectify this infamy, for only you have the power to peel the basilisk to its soul and slay its vile.3 Change in response to stimuli is a foundational quality of anything that may proliferate beyond but an evanescent memory;4 it your duty, it is your privilege, as the working cogs5 of the clockwork that is our nation, to deliberate with the most care and rationality in response to stimuli, and always ask what you can do for your country.6 When a threat approaches, defend; when an opportunity arises, procure. Now, as the United States approaches a new era of critical junctures,7 the frayed fibers that bind our nation into one must be mended from years of, among other abrades, the basilisk I speak of. Lastly, let it be known that this basilisk I speak of is our very own Electoral College, that paramount in

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