What American Means To Me Essay

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American, what does it mean to you, does it mean a new hope for a life, or maybe a chance to get a job. Well, to me, America is a land of the free and a chance to have an great life. Anyone can do anything without restrictions. We can go to college to learn more and get the job that we always wanted. No one can force us to do anything. We can have our rights, privacy ,and most importantly, freedom.

The people have rights. The people can vote for who they want to be president. The people can choose who will be leading the country. We have the rights to protect our own rights. That is how dedicated they are at ensure freedom. Also, no one can get rid of your freedom, no one can, not even the government is allowed to do it.

We can vote, speak freely, and we can do anything freely. But we also got the right to have your own privacy. You can display what you want to show and don’t show what you don’t want to show. We can have our own privacy and don’t have to show some things if we don’t want to. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing to mention everything and show all the little things. …show more content…

America went to many wars and always, always came out victorious. The American veterans are fighting to protect and ensure freedom, is for everyone. America will do anything at all cost to ensure freedom for it’s people. The heart of America cannot and will not, be broken.

I decide how my life is going to be like. I decide what job I am going to get. I decide what people know about me and not. I decide who I want for president. I can choose my own life, that is what is so great about America. You set up your own life. You choose what your life is going to be like.

So I have my freedom with rights and some privacy in America. I got the right to have a right. I have a right to be free. And I have the right to have some privacy. American, it is the people that make the land great, not the land

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