What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Behind The Development Of Driverless Vehicles?

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Throughout the past few years, the automotive sector is one area where technology is developing at a significantly fast pace. Researchers have been experimenting with self-driving vehicles for many years. Different techniques will be utilized to enable vehicles to understand their surrounding environment in a dynamic driving environment, and the vehicle must be able to act in response to particular changes in their surrounding conditions. These vehicles require a broad range of technologies and infrastructures to operate properly. Every vehicle is required to constantly gather and understand huge amounts of data. Every system of the car must work with the surrounding conditions, and technological advancements must be made to ensure autonomous vehicles work within several contexts, including Long-range radar, LIDAR (laser scan), Cameras, Short/medium-range radar, Ultrasound. For instance, the sensory information is then processed to navigate appropriate pathways for the vehicle to take, avoiding any obstacles and furthermore complying with the road signs. …show more content…

There are several advantages and disadvantages to consider as this new era of transportation approaches. One of the main advantages behind the development of driverless vehicles is the possibility to reduce the number of road traffic accidents. Following on from the previous point, it is easy for a driver to get distracted in a car. They could be immersed in deep conversation with a passenger or simply tuning in to some music. With driverless vehicles, we no longer have to worry about being distracted by other people or music and can actually enjoy them. Furthermore, people who historically have difficulties with driving, for example, disabled people can enjoy the benefits of enhanced mobility and no longer have to rely on public

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