What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Louisiana Purchase

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One of the biggest dilemmas that Thomas Jefferson faced throughout his presidency was the purchase of Louisiana from France in October of 1803. He was cautious about what would happen in the sense that there would be collisions on whether it was the right or wrong choice. From the beginning, Thomas Jefferson had always been a strong advocate of strict interpretation and that if not listed in the Constitution, the U.S Government had no right to exercise a certain power. But when the Louisiana territory was offered to the United States for only $15 million, Thomas Jefferson could not resist the “irresistible” offer. While the Constitution stated that new states could be bought and added, many people argued that the Louisiana Purchase was considered unconstitutional because it was foreign land ( Many viewed Thomas Jefferson as hypocritical in the sense that he went with loose constructionism instead of what he preached. The purchase treaty was soon ratified on October 1803 and officially declared Louisiana as American territory in December 1803 ( Although it was quite controversial, Jefferson knew that the Louisiana Purchase would demonstrate many advantages and disadvantages for the United States. In 1802 when France ceded Louisiana to Spain, Spain had restricted the United States from using the port of New Orleans and the Mississippi River. This was considered a danger to the economy since farmers and merchants needed both

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