Examples Of Executive Power

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The Constitution lucidly assigned the president power to sign or veto legislation, command the armed forces, ask for written opinion his or her cabinet, order or adjourn Congress and receive ambassadors. Many presidents interpreted their power in different ways and started abusing their power. They started doing certain stuff such as taking military action, making agreements with other nations and bypassing congressional procedures for bills and laws. Political thinkers are starting to notice an unbalance within the three branches even though our founders of our nation pictured a government with three equal and fair branches.

One example of executive power being abused is Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act. The Indian Removal Act allowed the President to move Indian tribes east of the Mississippi River to lands west of the Mississippi. Many …show more content…

The Louisiana Purchase is vast territory between the Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains, purchased from France in 1803. Thomas bought Louisiana to expand on American territory because of economic advantages of the Mississippi River and port of New Orleans and also because of Manifest Destiny. The French were willing to give up the territory because they needed money for costly wars in Europe. Thomas used his presidential power to negotiate treaties to approve the purchase. Every state gained with the Louisiana held some type of importance. Some were good for exporting and importing foreign goods and money. The Louisiana Purchase provided the U.S. with American expansion, trade, industry and farming. Thomas hired Lewis and Clark to explore the territory because it was mainly unexplored territory. This is an example of executive power being abused and is not an example of the branch’s power improving and growing. Thomas Jefferson went against the Constitution, which stated that the president wasn't able to buy

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